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FREE Floristry projects 2020

5 Short Floristry projects with your favourite flowers

Learn how to condition flowers for maximum vase life

Find out the symbolism and meanings of flowers

Discover how to use flowers in your home successfully.




Floristry Taster course

Fall in love with flowers as you explore the first steps in floristry

A taste of the subjects you would study before joining a professional floristry course.

  • Understand how cut flowers are classified and named

  • Understand how to condition different stem types

  • Understand colour harmonies and how the Colour wheel works in floristry.

  • Create  a buttonhole for a wedding


$26 (£20)

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Floristry: Principles & Elements of Floral Design

An ESSENTIAL short course for those studying or working with flowers, either professionally or for yourself. Learn how a design works and how to critique  your work successfully .

Discover how to use texture, line, form and much more within this creative floristry course.

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$35 (£27)