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Welcome to a great opportunity and its completely FREE from Chirpee's Floristry School.

If you love flowers, plants, textures, if you are the person that notices a sunset or are drawn to nature - you will love this course.

If you are looking for a creative hobby, or even a new career this could be the first step to a different way of life. 

Floristry is a huge subject, studied to Foundation Degree level. It takes a lifetime to become a Master florist but the first steps are easily learnt and can be enjoyed straight away. Like every subject, the more you learn the more you realise there is a lot to learn!

In this short course you will gain a taste of floristry and some of the theory behind this creative subject. Of course floristry is a hands-on practical discipline but it is necessary to study the theoretical side so you can thoroughly understand how to create great design. 

 Modules include: Care and conditioning of flowers, A taste of Colour, A little bit of Floral History, Flower Names and How to create Buttonholes for Weddings.

We run Practical workshops throughout the year, open to all and can also provide one to one tuition if you are local to us in the UK. If you need additional tuition if you are studying full time, let us know. Our tutor is a qualified teacher, has taught at local FE Colleges and is qualified as a florist to Level 5, the highest a florist can achieve.


Tutor support is free with this course on email  

Please bear in mind that there is often a time delay as the course is global.

We are also in the process of creating some wonderful weekend workshops which will be available later this year.


If you love the Free taster please scroll down for details of the progression course which is only 38 USD (around £25) and supports a Level 2 traditional course.

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Beginners and Beyond - Progression Floristry Online course 

Beginners and Beyond- an online floristry course introducing you to the First steps in Floristry.

The progression course is interactive - you can spend a short time on the questions or you can discover more if you wish - it's up to you! It will mean logging into our online learning platform. A  PC or laptop will be needed, also runs on mobile apps. No formal educational requirements are necessary.This is a leisure course to be enjoyed at your own speed, whenever you have time, with the luxury of inclusive Online Tutor support.    The theoretical content is similar to UK College programmes at beginners level. 


The course is a stepping stone for those who love flowers as a hobby or if you are thinking about a new career or job opportunity. There will be progression courses if you decide to you would love to learn more. Floristry is a subject area that can be studied to Foundation degree level. Floristry is a fantastically creative subject and whilst it is a hands-on discipline it is vital that you gain underpinning knowledge to understand the subject in full. The more you learn, you understand what a lot there is still to learn!  The course has been written by a Head of  Floristry, a practicing florist and a English tutor with an absolute wealth of experience 



Module 1 - 12 Units 

A brief history of floristry - you will learn about where our modern day designs originate, and how they still influence designs today

 Module 2 - 8 Units

Care and conditioning of flowers and houseplants - you will learn professional tricks of the trade to make your flowers and plants last so much longer.

Module 3 - 7 Units

 Basic colour theory and how to use it with flowers - you will learn how to blend colours like a professional florist.

Module 4 - 4 Units Creating a buttonhole and boutonnieres - you will learn a step by step processes to create a wedding buttonhole.

Module 5 - 8 Units Buying tips –you will learn how to identify and how to pick the perfect flowers for optimum freshness.

Module 6 - Creating a Hand tied Bouquet -an easy to follow step by step process to create stunning bouquets

Module 7 - Creating a Gift wrapped Cone wrapped Bouquet - learn presentation skills and how to wrap flowers like a professional florist

Module 8 - How to create a Table design - A festive design easily adapted to many occasions

Module 9 - How to create a Floral Crown - amaze your friends by making a pretty floral crown to wear at festivals - easy to follow step by step process


Module 10 - Progression course - The Principles of design 

Cost  38 USD$ 

Educational discount available for Schools and Colleges or enrol directly  on

Type in Floristry into the search bar - click on Floristry Beginners and Beyond - complete your Profile 


We are in the process of creating practical hands on weekend courses in the UK - keep in touch for updates

We look forward to hearing from you

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