Our Philosophy... seasonal is best

Our Values

We pride ourselves on using gorgeous seasonal flowers, with as many local varieties as possible.


Local flowers are sourced from local growers so creating a smaller footprint and promoting local business

They are also fresher, more fragrant and often different to what you will find in supermarkets 

​Spring / Summer

Spring /Summer workshops 

The most beautiful time of year with the

most beautiful flowers.

Scented hyacinths, and stocks from Sussex, Herbs and edible flowers from a nursery just outside Lewes

Fragrant English roses from David Austen growers. All materials are chosen to create a wonderful aroma. What a special treat for an extra special mum - why not buy her a workshop voucher, redeemable through special dates in the year.

Email: chirpeeflowers@gmail.com

Winter / Autumn

Autumn sees the glorious fall colours - sunset colours of red/orange and golds. During this time of year we hold seasonal workshops, with dahlias, berries, winter herbs, pumpkins and also Christmas wreath making workshops - see site for dates.

Locally sourced moss, sweet scented pines, and dried oranges - can't you just smell them!

Email: chirpeeflowers@gmail.com

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